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Complimenting her extensive surgical skills and knowledge of patient safety, Smita has undertaken further advanced training in

Facial Aesthetics to provide a comprehensive service for you.

Non-surgical cosmetic treatments, consisting of Anti Wrinkle Injections and/or Dermal Fillers, will be provided with the utmost care and attention to achieve natural looking results...with you...for you

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An initial consultation will be scheduled to understand your needs, relevant medical and surgical history and discuss expectations and relevant effects of treatments. Following this a bespoke plan will be created that is right for you and a consent form will be generated for your treatment(s).

Please note the following restrictions for treatments;
You are under the age of 18
You’re currently pregnant or breast feeding
You have an infection in the area you’d like to be treated with Anti-Wrinkle injections (advised to book for when this has cleared)
You are allergic to Anti-Wrinkle injections or local anaesthetics
You have a neuro-musculoskeletal condition such Myasthenia Gravis
You have a blood clotting condition such as Haemophilia
You are taking anticoagulant or anti-inflammatory medicines such as Asprin, Warfarin or Heparin
You are taking herbal medicine containing St John’s Wort, Gingiko Bilboa or Vitamin E
You have chronic problems with your breathing
You have had a stroke or Bell’s palsy in the past.

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Frown lines

Crow's feet wrinkles

Forehead lines

Chemical brow lift

Bunny lines

Gummy smile correction

Downturned smile correction

Jawline slimming

Non- surgical neck lift


Lip sculpting and augmentation​

Cheek augmentation

Jawline sculpting

Chin sculpting

Non surgical rhinoplasty

Tear trough fillers

Nasolabial lines

Marionette lines

Peri oral lines

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Initial Consultation (redeemable against treatments) £75 for 30 minutes

Anti Wrinkle Injections from £230

Dermal Fillers from £250

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