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Serenity Women's Clinic photo of Consultant Gynaecologist Miss Sinha at Swan Retreat Wellness Centre




At Serenity Women’s Clinic, the focus is on Pro-Aging care for Women’s Health.

A key factor for many women will also include the changes seen in Facial or Body Appearances, and Skin Health.
As we age, there is a reduction of important structural components found in the skin, such as Collagen and Fat, as well as a build up of our lifestyles which leads to visible effects on our skin.

A 30% loss of Collagen occurs around the Menopause which can contribute to the emerging signs of aging at this time. We may notice decreased tone, loss of elasticity and volume, change of skin texture and development of fine lines.

Treatments provided at Serenity Women's Clinic will help to rejuvenate and sometimes prejuvenate these effects!

Complimenting her Surgical experience and skills, built up over 15 years of working in Women's Health, as well as her knowledge of patient safety, Smita has undertaken advanced training in all treatments provided.

Consultations are provided with assessments to create the most appropriate treatment for you from the following Aesthetic treatments.

Provided with the utmost care and attention to achieve natural looking results
...with you...for you:



Serenity Women's Clinic is

Save Face Accredited

Serenity Women's Clinic is Save Face Accredited
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