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Intimate Wellness: Welcome

At Serenity Women’s Clinic, the focus is on Pro-Aging care for Women’s Health... and a key factor for many Women will also include the changes experienced with their Intimate health. 

These may be due to underlying health conditions or from transitioning through life stages, childbirth and menopause.

Women may experience vaginal and vulval dryness, irritation, discomfort with intercourse, altered sensation and appearance of the vulva. 

As we age, there is a reduction of important structural components found in the skin, such as Collagen and Fat, which can contribute to these changes in the intimate area in combination with hormonal level changes.

Treatments are provided at Serenity Women's Clinic by our experienced Consultant Gynaecologist to help address these concerns.

Smita is passionate about Proaging and reducing the stigma around seeking help for intimate concerns.

She regularly talks at events, podcasts and educational meetings to raise awareness about how to

improve Intimate wellness.

Complimenting her Surgical experience and skills, built up over 15 years of working in Women's Health, as well as her knowledge of patient safety, Smita has undertaken advanced training and is fully insured, in all intimate treatments provided.

Smita has also been appointed as a UK trainer for the NewGyn Polynucleotide treatments.

Consultations are provided with assessments to create the most appropriate management for you  including educating about vulval and vaginal self care, the use of topical treatments and may include some of these innovative, non surgical Intimate Wellness treatments.

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