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Perimenopause & Menopause Clinic

Consultant Gynaecologist led, evidence based and holistic care to support and empower you through all stages of Menopause

Before your Menopause Consultation

When you book an appointment with Serenity Women's Clinic, you will be contacted by Natasha Worth, our friendly Executive PA.

She will answer any questions you may have and will register you on our secure patient management system.

This easy to use digital system gives you secure, instant access to any of your letters or test results 24 hours a day (and allows us to be paper light and environmentally friendly!)

It also allows you upload any documents, doctor's letters or test results as well as send us any queries.

Please remember that you can always phone or email us, if you need help or support with using this.

We will also ask you to complete our digital Menopause symptom checker. This will help us to ensure your Menopause Consultation is as effective, efficient and bespoke to you as possible.

We are pleased to provide further information about the Menopause in the Menopause Support Guidance Booklet (click to download).

You may wish to read through this before your appointment and feel free to bring any notes to the consultation.

Your Menopause Consultation will take place at our Taunton Menopause Clinic within Nuffield Hospital Taunton.

Your Menopause Clinic Consultation and follow up

You will receive a 45 minute Menopause Consultation to discuss the concerns you are facing.

Your full medical history will be reviewed by Consultant Gynaecologist Miss Smita Sinha, ensuring your symptoms are understood in the correct context for you. Please feel free to bring any prior documentation or test results.

In addition a blood pressure and BMI check will be taken to provide guidance on long term health management.

On occasions further tests may be recommended for you to help provide correct management. These may include blood tests, ultrasound scans, cervical smear tests or bone density scans (DEXA Scan).

Balancing your unique personal needs and your medical history with evidence based practice, a bespoke management plan will then be created for you and sent to you within 5 days of your initial appointment (or once results from tests received) via email or letter. 

If HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) is part of your menopause treatment a private prescription can be provided. We also liaise with your GP, if you are happy with this, and can request for them to arrange your prescription (at their discretion).

If Mirena Coil is part of your menopause treatment preference, an appointment can also be made to have this personally fitted by Consultant Gynaecologist, Miss Smita Sinha, at Nuffield Hospital Taunton.

A 30 minute follow up appointment at our Taunton Menopause Clinic will be booked to review how things are going for you.

The timing of this will be arranged to be at an interval that is comfortable for you.

If extra time or appointments are required, please just let us know.

For further information or to Book an Appointment please Contact Us

Perimenopause & Menopause: Our Facilities
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