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Treatments: Services


(With our Private Gynaecologist)

Available at our Taunton Menopause Clinic:

Nuffield Hospital, Taunton

1) Menopause Consultation (with Blood pressure and BMI check) - including for those with complex past medical or surgical history, or with concerns before the age of 40
2) Perimenopause Assessment
3) Initiating HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) or HRT regime reviews
4) Management of HRT Side Effects; for example irregular bleeding 
5) Assessment for Testosterone Treatment
6) Lifestyle Assessment & Advice; for those unable or not keen to take HRT
7) Blood Tests (prices as per Nuffield Health)
8) Cervical Screening Test for those eligible,
aged 25 - 64 (*Nuffield Taunton only; price for procedure as per Nuffield Health)
9) Mirena or Copper Coil Fitting Clinic (*Nuffield Taunton only; price for procedure as per Nuffield Health)
10) Endometrial Assessment (Lining of the Womb) Assessment - Outpatient Hysteroscopy & Pipelle Biopsy (price for procedure as per Nuffield Health)


(With our Private Gynaecologist)

(Available at Nuffield Hospital, Taunton)

1) Examination (with Chaperone)

2) Vulval and Vaginal Swabs

3) Vulval Biopsy

4) Vulval Skin Treatment regime and support

5) Vulval Pain Assessment

6) Vulval discomfort with intercourse Assessment

7) Treatments and Aids to improve Vulval Pain

8) Non surgical clitoral adhesions release (under local anaesthetic)

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