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As the Leaves Turn...

Updated: Sep 3, 2023

Serenity Women's Clinic Founder, Miss Smita Sinha, enjoys the Taunton Landscape at Swan Business Centre

Serenity Women's Clinic Founder, Miss Smita Sinha

(Photo Credit - Kathryn Anne Photography)

...the question arises - is summer nearly over or will there be an Indian summer arriving? Either way, we hope you've had a lovely few months!

At Serenity Women's Clinic we've been busy with weekly clinics, talks and work behind the scenes for some exciting collaborations.

Check out below for catch-ups on these!


Miss Smita Sinha Instagram Interview with Nuchido Ltd Founder Dr Nicola Conlan

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Living in Somerset is so special at this time of year as Harvest approaches. We're surrounded by farms and fields, and it's a beautiful reminder of the true force of nature and all it provides for us. As women, we also go through cycles and transitions, especially during Menopause, other health diagnoses or aging concerns.

Appointments are available weekly with me, to address and support concerns related to Menopause, Vulval health, Intimate health and Facial aesthetics. Importantly in these appointments I also take a moment to encourage you to celebrate who you’ve become with acceptance and positivity... and to start your next chapter with self confidence … and Serenity!

Please feel free to Contact Us


Menopause Awareness month is coming up, and I’m excited to be speaking on

'World Menopause Day' at a Nuffield Health event in Taunton. As well as being informative it will be a celebration of women

…and completely Free of charge!

Spaces are limited, so be sure to book your space soon, using the link below …


Do follow Serenity Women's Clinic on Instagram or Facebook where you can catch up with previous educational posts… new posts coming from September!

We cover facts and tips on Menopause, Vulval health, and Pro-aging Aesthetics.

If you have any specific questions or topics you'd like covered, drop us a message or on social media! Thank you for your time and have a beautiful week ahead!

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