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Spring Celebrations

We celebrated our 1st Anniversary. Learn about our new BTL Exion & Emfemme 360 Radiofrequency machines.

As the Leaves Turn...

Serenity Women's Clinic Founder, Miss Smita Sinha (Photo Credit - Kathryn Anne Photography) ...the question arises - is summer nearly...

Finding Our Balance

This Spring Equinox Find your Balance with help and advice from Serenity Women’s Clinic in Taunton. Take time to Reflect, Renew and Release.

‘Self’ love is in the air 💖

January has come and gone and wasn't that quick! As we move forwards in February, there's one day coming up that may bring out rolling...

New Year...New beginnings!

Happy New Year...and thank you for for visiting Serenity Women's Clinic! For me, the 'New Year' has always meant a chance at a new start...

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