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‘Self’ love is in the air 💖

Updated: Mar 4

January has come and gone and wasn't that quick! As we move forwards in February, there's one day coming up that may bring out rolling around in love to some and rolling of the eyes for others... Valentine's Day!!

Whichever one you are, one thing that I would recommend ... and not just for this date alone, is a good measure of self love 💕

I held the first educational talk for Serenity Women's Clinic last month, with a relaxing yoga flow from the amazing Cris from HotPod Yoga Taunton, wonderful teas by Jodi from Brew Planet and a rounding up of the afternoon by lovely Laura and her luscious Sound Bath therapy.

It was aimed to be an afternoon of self love and positive association with the topic of the menopause... I certainly hope the ladies who attended, left feeling that way ...

My talk was about Menopause and your Lifestyle...we are living longer and I think now more than ever is the time to invest in ourselves and really optimise areas of our lifestyle for long term health benefits especially for for our hearts, bones and brain function.

By seeing the Menopause transition or any other moment you choose (maybe Valentine's Day?!) as a SIGNAL to yourself... create self love, take control of your health and make your life the best you can!

Many of you maybe doing all of this and beyond which is fantastic, I hope you keep it up and inspire those around you too!!

There is so much to share and I look forward to doing so... follow us on Instagram, keep an eye out for the next blog post or to Book an Appointment with me at Serenity Women's Clinic!

"Love yourself first and everything else falls in line" Lucille Ball

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