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Time to Indulge… with Serenity Women’s Clinic

Hello… and thank you for stopping by!

As the days are getting darker, we know what is coming just around the corner 🎄🎁❄️

But before you get busy (probably with looking out for others) I hope you will find something in the following to indulge yourself in first.

  • Listen below to my first radio show interview with Apple FM, discussing the clinic and including some mindfulness tips

  • My first (but not last!) Podcast interview with The Unfairer Sex and Pause Live, discussing the gender health gap, Menopause in real life and plenty of information about the upcoming event Pause Live! "Let's Talk Menopause"

  • Watch my Instagram interview below with the lovely Fiona of Harley Street Emporium about Vulval Health and Menopause… learn about the anatomy, what changes and self care tips.

  • An interview about the impact of “Alcohol in the Menopause" with founder of JOMO Club (alcohol free drinks club) Gemma Mills… we collaborated earlier this year to produce an ‘It‘s my Menopause‘ box and you can hear all about this and the ways in which you too can make lifestyle changes for your optimal health.

I hope you will find lots of information and tips with a side of laughter, to help you with questions or curiosities you may have about your health.

A huge focus of what I want to achieve with Serenity Women’s Clinic, is to help provide education about Women’s Health in the community… so as well as the interviews above, we have been involved in various local events in the last few months… with plenty more lined up 🤩

Here are some photos from the events we have been involved in:

Also a fantastic event I have to tell you about and the first of its kind, Pause Live! Taking place on Saturday 25th November 2023 at The Business Design Centre in London! I am so honoured to be part of this day, raising awareness and empowering Women about Menopause and really looking forward to my part in helping to raise awareness about Vulval Health!

You can join in too and tickets can be found on their website Pause Live.

If you haven’t had a chance to attend these events or listen to our interviews …don’t worry, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook for regular posts on health information! And please find some of our top 5 Women’s health tips below:

  • Know your normal; keep up with monthly checks of your breasts and vulva, check your BP and cholesterol levels

  • Attend your screening checks; cervical (from age 25) breast (from age 50) and bowel (from age 60)

  • Don’t think everything that itches is thrush… have a check up if you have persistent symptoms of vulval itching, dryness, burning or pain…

  • Keeping social is a top common factor found in those with increased longevity- so see all those festive get togethers as a way to help your health!

  • Consider your Proaging skincare needs and investing in good quality vitamin C, retinol and sunscreen is important as well as helping with enhancing any aesthetic treatments you may have.

We wish you and yours a beautiful festive period and hope you will prioritise time for self care too and encourage others to as well… 🎄🎁❄️

Please Contact Us for any enquiries or to book an appointment.

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