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Finding Our Balance

Happy Spring!! As this week has seen us officially start a new season with the Spring Equinox… I wondered a bit more about what I could learn from Mother Nature’s Equinox? Recognised as the time of year when the number of daylight hours equal and balance the number of darker hours of night… also traditionally celebrated in many cultures for the renewal this time of year will bring… Holi, Nowruz, Easter and I’m sure there are many others to. This uplifting change of seasons can be an opportunity to take time to Reflect, Renew and Release… helping us to move towards feeling balanced between body and mind. This may look like different things to everyone, but here are a couple of things that I like to consider at this time of year…

•Reflect Thinking about where I need to improve my health, I immediately recognise trying to get enough activity is definitely my weak point … so I’ve just signed up to couch to 5K!!! It’s being held locally at the Cooper Associates County cricket grounds with Nuffield Gym… wish me luck!! And if you’re interested you can still sign up with them. Weight bearing exercises, such as walking and running are essential for future prevention of bone diseases. Habits such as these can therefore help women reduce the risk of developing this, especially after the Menopause.

•Renew Diet… the lighter evenings can in turn make us feel like turning to lighter diets. We may now choose to change to Spring greens, fruits and salads sprinkled with herbs and seeds and there are marked benefits to our gut health from ‘eating the rainbow’ … so the more colours on our plates the higher the chance that we’ll absorb the necessary Phytonutrients we need 🌈 Did you know a 25g portion (about 2 tablespoons) of Chia seeds added to your meal can give you 158g of calcium, 9g of fibre and contain Omega 3 and have anti inflammatory properties… well on your way to the daily requirements for good bone and heart health. •Refresh … aah the time for Spring clean! Opening the windows, getting lesser used areas cleaned and bringing out lighter colours and textures around the house can all help to refresh the energy around you and in your mind. Talking of minds, I find journaling can also be a hugely beneficial way of refreshing ourselves by forming and writing intentions, affirmations and being able to release emotions. Regular focussed sessions of journaling or weekly planning can also sustain our cognitive functions, which in turn could be beneficial for reducing future risks such as Dementia. And not to forget even be more tangible things like lighting your favourite candle and soaking in the scents and memories it brings… or feeling the touch of your favourite blanket, or item of clothing… and relax! When our health needs starts to change, it can be overwhelming to balance our emotions and physical self, especially if starting new treatments. Finding small, regular practices to bring yourself balance maybe one way to keep grounded with who we really are.

At Serenity Women’s Clinic, I aim to provide the knowledge to understand and manage your individual concerns but also and most importantly always balance this with time to listen and understand your inner needs and provide guidance and support along your journey back to yourself.

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